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RhinoWolf combines camping essentials

What's New? | June 30, 2017 | By:

Although camping pods by the startup RhinoWolf are made for one or two people, they are also designed with enough flexibility to accommodate a whole family on a camping trip. By combining a sequence of the tent-air mattress-sleeping bag pods, it is possible to make room for the exact number of campers, according to the company and an article on

When the pods are attached, each camper can create privacy by zipping up the walls. A RhinoWolf pod weighs 2.5 kilograms and includes a waterproof tent, air mattress and sleeping bag. The air mattress is designed in an ergonomic, body-mapped, V-chamber shape, which limits air movement and provides full body support. The sleeping bag component is available in two-season, three-season and four-season weight.

Categorized as a “full spectrum supertent,” each RhinoWolf module is made from 15 denier thick, 2000 millimeter nylon ripstop material with silicone on both sides, making it windproof and rainproof. The tent uses a single-pole spine design to ensure its light weight and a speedy setup. The double door design allows for maximum airflow and a larger living space. The tent also comes with six anchoring pegs.

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