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Unifrax launches new Insulfrax LTX thermal blankets

What's New? | February 27, 2018 | By:

Unifrax recently unveiled its new Insulfrax LTX Products, lightweight, needled low-biopersistent blankets. The new product has been designed to offer lower thermal conductivity in a variety of industrial thermal management applications.

According to the company, Insulfrax LTX Blankets are inorganic and binder-free, which may result in less dust.  The company says the blankets are now easier to handle and cut, resulting in faster installation, less skin irritation and reduced waste of material. The blankets are printed, which may aid identification of material and installation tracking on the job.

The company says the enhanced LTX fiber performance can help companies reduce material and energy costs and meet increasingly strict carbon emission targets. The ability to use less insulation may also result in freeing up space in furnaces and ovens.

The blankets are manufactured and available throughout Europe. The new Insulfrax LTX products will be available in the U.S. in July of this year.

Unifrax I LLC is a global supplier of specialty products used in many industrial, filtration, automotive and fire protection applications for saving energy, reducing pollution and improving fire safety.

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