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Textile printing technology produces high-resistance fabric

What's New? | March 26, 2018 | By:

Munich-based industrial designer Bastian Müller’s brand Patronace has introduced a unique soft protection jacket created using a new textile printing technology called GRDXKN. This process, according to a Designboom story, can integrate mechanical material performance into the textile, making it possible for two-dimensional colors to become three-dimensional in parts.

Color that was once purely decorative has now become a functional, architectural structure – to wear. The jacket is lightweight and sturdy, its creators report, and it’s flexible and abrasion resistant. Similar results can be accomplished with almost every kind of fabric, the designer says, including genuine leather and light-reflecting materials.   

Because the fabric used is breathable on the inside and hydrophobic on the outside, Müller says, the jacket is a good fit for urban mobility and versatile enough for everyday life.

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