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Data-storing shirt is possible, researchers say

What's New? | August 20, 2018 | By:

Imagine a standard shirt that functions as data storage. Researchers from the University of Washington were recently successful in developing a smart textile made with conductive yarn that works without any external power source, so that a garment made from it can be washed and ironed. In a report on the researchers believe that with this technology people will be able to carry large amounts of data directly on their bodies.

By magnetizing the yarn in the shirt sleeve, code was integrated that can be used to access security zones. Data saved in the textile by polarizing the conductive yarn can be read with a magnetometer to, for example open a door by moving the sleeve in front of the door’s control panel. 

Making clothing more practical, communicative, functional and protective is a fundamental idea when developing smart textiles, says Groz-Beckert, industrial machine needles provider, reports. But integrating sensors, electrically conductive yarns, or other unusual materials when manufacturing smart textiles creates great challenges for stitch-creating components. Groz-Beckert provides needles and system parts for these innovative technologies and supports collaborations to develop and implement these new ideas.


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