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Thin, flexible batteries market report released

Industry News, News | October 31, 2018 | By:

IDTechEx has released a new report, “Flexible, Printed and Thin Film Batteries 2019–2029.” The report includes information gleaned since 2014 about market progress of flexible, thin-film, or printed batteries, as well as those using novel form factors.

The market is complex, a recent release from IDTechEx says, involving solutions from many categories: printed batteries, thin-film batteries, advanced lithium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries, micro-batteries, stretchable batteries, thin flexible supercapacitors and a few more. The report also took into consideration products such as active radio frequency identification (RFIDs), skin patches, smart packaging, wearables and IoT.

The study found that in applications for wearable technology and electronic textiles, high-energy, thin-film batteries have the highest potential followed by printed rechargeable zinc batteries, provided the latter can improve. New market requirements will require energy storage solutions with novel form factors, the release notes.

In the health care sector, IDTechEx anticipates the market for disposable medical devices requiring micro-power batteries will expand and notes that medical diagnostic devices and medical sensors are also promising markets. In the area of skin patches, printed zinc batteries have the highest potential, but price needs to continue falling before a higher market uptake takes place.

Wireless sensor/network applications are predicted to combine energy harvesting with thin batteries using superior form factors.

IDTechEx says its report is based on granular market forecasts segmented by technology type and end-use applications. The forecasts are based on primary information obtained through its direct interview program with suppliers and end-users, attending conferences globally, and organizing conferences on wearable technologies, RFIDs and printed electronics; and a critical technical assessment of competing technologies.

IDTechEx provides independent market research, business intelligence and events on emerging technology to clients in over 80 countries.

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