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New “barefoot” performance socks launched

What's New? | December 6, 2018 | By:

The KinisTM Nomad 804 is the latest offering of barefoot performance socks from Kinis, designed to allow the wearer’s feet to move freely and function naturally. The company says that ncorporating the Nomad 804 in training exercises will gradually strengthen the wearer’s feet, which ultimately will support overall improved mobility and balance.

The Kinis Company launched in 2016 and has been partnering with fitness experts and designers to develop its line of Nomad barefoot footwear as part of its mission to create socially and environmentally conscientious products for its customers. Part of the high performance and durability of the Nomad 804 comes from its use of Spectra® fiber, the same advanced fiber used in police vests and military gear for bullet resistance.

Honeywell Spectra® fiber provides lightweight, dependable strength in demanding applications. Produced using a patented gel-spinning process, it is resistant to chemicals, water and ultraviolet light, stronger than steel and 40 percent stronger than aramid fiber, according to the company.

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