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Shoes are made of car interior material

Out There | December 19, 2018 | By:

Joris de Groot teamed up with Low & Bonar, a manufacturer of performance materials, for the in4nite II project, which examined various techniques applied in the manufacturing of car interiors and translated them into a collection of shoes. reports that Studio de Groot has molded Low & Bonar Colback car upholstery material around shoe lasts. The soles are made of lightweight EVA. To attach the upper part to the sole and round off the edges, the festoon technique is used.

A linear pattern is applied in the molding process to monitor how the material behaves when it is formed. De Groot incorporated the tufted Colback material’s details into the aesthetic—sometimes the carpet side is out, sometimes in; sometimes hues are subtle, other times not—to create the collection’s range of styles.   

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