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European Commission launches Circular Plastics Alliance

EcoNote | January 9, 2019 | By:

At the end of 2018, the European Commission launched the Circular Plastics Alliance, which will be made up of industry stakeholders from the whole plastics value chain. The Commission described this as part of its ongoing effort to drive the European Union towards a circular economy, to stimulate innovation, reduce plastic waste and increase recycled plastic’s share of the market.

By 2025, the European Union wants 10 million tons of recycled plastic going into new products. This is part of the European Strategy for Plastics that the Commission published at the start of 2018.

Commission vice-president Frans Timmermans, who is responsible for sustainable development, said at the announcement that the Circular Plastics Alliance will help make sure more recycled plastic finds its way into new products instead of into landfills or incinerators. “This is the best way to show the world that a circular plastic economy is good for the business and good for the environment,” he said.

Next steps will include the Commission inviting key industry stakeholders to join the alliance. The first meeting of the Circular Plastics Alliance will be organized as part of the EU Industry Days event on February 5. After that, a series of operational meetings on the key topics identified at that first meeting will take place between March and May 2019.

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