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1888 Mills chooses INTELLIFRESH for new textile line

What's New? | March 25, 2019 | By:

Textile manufacturer 1888 Mills has announced a new line of home textiles featuring DuPont INTELLIFRESH odor protection technology.

DuPont INTELLIFRESH is a built-in odor protection treatment that prevents and minimizes odor-causing bacteria from forming on treated fabric surfaces, a recent DuPont release says. The protection is enabled by Silvadur technology, which is reported to absorb odors that may already be on the fabric and then attack the bacteria to reduce continued odor formation or build-up. The protection is meant to help fabrics stay clean and fresh-smelling longer, which could translate to fewer washings and more water and energy savings.

The treated products will include bath towels, sheets, shower curtains and kitchen towels marketed through multiple brands, including the new 1888 Mills Freshee line. 1888 Mills also plans to introduce Freshee branded sheets and towels in their commercial/hospitality business as a room-ready solution for hotels. The company says towels treated with INTELLIFRESH may not require laundering after delivery to hotel customers and could stay fresh for guests when linens are being reused during a stay. The added treatment is also intended to protect Freshee products against odor-causing bacteria during transit, storage and use.

The collaboration between the companies is in response to research conducted by DuPont that found that the most disliked smells are body odor or mustiness and mildew. Both were identified by over 90 percent of consumers across China, Japan and the U.S.

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