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Tukatech introduces new pattern and grading software

What's New? | July 26, 2019 | By:

Tukatech, based in Los Angeles, Calif., has introduced TUKA APM, an automated pattern-making and grading software as a module within TUKAcad. The company said in a recent news release that with TUKA APM, a person of any skill level can complete a graded pattern in seconds. 

The system is designed to allow apparel vendors and factories to generate a 2D CAD patterns from measurements, including grade rules. The pattern is then ready to push to TUKAmark to create a costing marker.

In TUKAcad, digital pattern-makers select from a library of T-shirts, trousers, polos, dresses and other apparel products for men, women and children. The pattern-maker gives a value for each point of measure as indicated on a visual guide. The company asserts that pattern-makers of any skill level can create a first pattern from scratch, and even specify values to instantly apply grading for larger and smaller sizes.

The company reports that most vendors have between a 10 and 25 percent hit rate, meaning that much of their product development worker efforts are allocated to styles that won’t move into production. With the product, vendors may be able to develop first patterns and assess the garment cost at the beginning of the design process. 

It can also generate 3D samples, the release says, giving design houses the option to create showroom samples. The product is available to both existing and new TUKAcad customers via cloud subscription.

Tukatech offers 2D pattern making, grading and marker-making software, automated marker-making software, and 3D sample making/virtual prototyping software, as well as garment plotters and automatic spreaders and cutters for production.

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