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Probiotic clothing activated by sweat

Out There | July 29, 2019 | By:

Researcher and designer Rosie Broadhead recently unveiled Skin II, a probiotic clothing concept activated by sweat to reduce odor and promote healthy skin. The clothing was developed in collaboration with microbiologist Dr. Chris Callewaert of Ghent University, to explorethe beneficial effect good bacteria can have on our skin.

Photo: Karl Felix.

Skin II harnesses probiotic technology to allow the millions of microorganisms that naturally reside on skin to thrive. The technology aims to work naturally with the body’s chemistry rather than disrupt the body’s natural equilibrium. To that end, the team has used probiotic bacteria in the fabric of a bodysuit, strategically woven into the armpits, along the inner arms, down the middle of the back and in other areas.

The bacteria are designed to be activated by the user’s sweat, resulting in a deodorizing effect. In addition to reducing body odor, the probiotic bacteria are meant to promote healthy skin by encouraging cell renewal and improving the skin’s immune system.

Broadhead presented Skin II during the Material Futures graduate student show at Central Saint Martins, a college of the University of the Arts London.

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