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Magnetics used to make “anti-gravity” shoes

Out There | September 3, 2019 | By:

Japanese artist and designer Yukako Hihara has created a pair of shoes that uses magnetic forces to create the physical sense of walking on the moon. The “anti-gravity” shoes were created as part of an experiment to offer consumers a product that made them feel like they were flying.

To create shoes that give the sensation of defying gravity, Yukako relied on the power of magnetism and its ability to attract and repel. Each shoe contains a set of magnets with matching poles that can create a repulsion force that generates resistance felt with each step. The current prototype uses four flat disc-shaped magnets, two embedded in the outsole of each shoe and two built into removable insoles.

Yukako experimented with gel, foam and wire mesh before settling on a clear polyurethane for the main body of the shoes. The clear polyurethane reveals the inner workings of the shoes while adding design elements. 

Source: designboom

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