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Origami inspires pots for plants

EcoNote | September 5, 2019 | By:

Photos: POTR.

A pair of Scottish engineers, Andrew Flynn and Martin Keane, has created origami plant pot reservoirs designed to be delivered through letter boxes. POTR pots have a quick-draw cotton cord that pulls the pot up around the plant, transforming the flat pack into a multifaceted plant pot. 

After adding water to the reservoir, a potted plant can be set into the POTR pot. One end of the cord is placed in the reservoir and the other end in the soil—allowing the plant to draw moisture as it needs. The semi-transparent design makes it easy to see when water is running low.

The designers used mostly recycled polypropylene they sourced from nearby locations. They also worked with Bristol-based die-cutting firm Folio to create the origami structure that allows POTR pots to be mailed easily, minimizing environmental impact by reducing size and weight during shipping.

Flynn and Keane recently launched POTR pots with a Kickstarter campaign to fund their first production run. 

Source: designboom

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