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Devan R-Vital® CBD-infused textiles hit the market

What's New? | September 12, 2019 | By:

With the recent launch of Acabada ProActiveWear, CBD-infused textiles are now available. The fabric treatment behind the CBD-infused textiles was developed by Devan Chemicals, a Belgian company specializing in functional finishes for textile markets.

Devan launched its CBD (Cannabidiol) fabric treatment at Heimtextil 2019 in Frankfurt as part of their R-Vital® range of microencapsulated active ingredients. The range contains active substances like Aloe Vera, Q10 and Vitamin E, with CBD being its latest addition. 

The Acabada ProActiveWear brand is committed to creating innovative, luxury apparel for the proactive woman. Conceptualized in New York and produced in Portugal, Acabada infuses luxury fabric with the high quality organic CBD, to ensure that women will look, feel and perform at their best. With the close cooperation among Acabada, Devan and the Portuguese production partner, goods were available in less than five months starting from initial contact.

Acabada CEO and co-founder Seth Baum recognized the positive effects of CBD on pain and inflammation and the fact that top athletes embrace the active ingredient as a part of their training and recovery ritual. Baum assembled a team of experienced fashion designers, including co-founder and CCO Katrina Petrillo, and together they created a high-fashion, innovative product. The company says, “Recovery starts from the moment you get dressed by helping to fight soreness and promote healing.”

Each garment from Acabada ProActiveWear contains up to 25 grams of zero-THC, lab-certified, 99.9 percent pure CBD, which will allow the benefits to last through 40 high-intensity wear-and-wash cycles. As customers approach this point, they can choose to sustainably recycle their CBD-infused garments through Acabada’s upcycling program, where the recycled, synthetic fabrics will be repurposed where needed as commercial materials.

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