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New garment designed to control odor in body armor

What's New? | September 16, 2019 | By:

Protective garment startup DragynSkyn has recently announced an upcoming line of compression apparel designed to perform under ballistic body armor. The new product uses a three-layer design to control body odor in protective armor.

One layer pulls moisture away from the body and vaporizes it, and a microporous laminate keeps odor-causing bacteria from reaching the body armor or other outer layer. This is meant to prevent the outer layers from soaking up smelly bacteria or becoming moisture-logged.

Photo: DragynSkyn.

The design of the new line of base apparel may also help avoid the accelerated degradation of body armor caused by bacteria and trapped moisture—keeping it as effective as possible for as long as possible for police officers, firefighters, military personnel and other public servants. The company reports that DragynSkyn may also be beneficial for athletes, hunters, extreme sports enthusiasts and other people in need of compression garments.

The company has released its Extreme Base Apparel to the public for pre-order and investment opportunities via a Kickstarter campaign. The product was created by active-duty peace officer Darryll VanDeursen to solve the problem of smelly body armor often experienced by officers. 

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