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Hohenstein implements new 4D body scanner

What's New? | October 21, 2019 | By:

The Hohenstein Institute has a new 4D body scanner that will be used in a series of research projects aimed at developing a standard method of analyzing how a clothing item restricts movement. Scanning in 4D shows body shape and size for the intended customer, helping to determine the impact of movement on the garment, and vice versa.

Hohenstein says that with 4D, range of motion, particularly in sportswear and workwear, can be analyzed for improved function. The scientists believe 4D data used with 3D visualization can shorten or eliminate prototyping time and cost; create better data for size chart creation and pattern making; and use less material, which means less product waste.

The goal is realistic size data that leads to improved fit, function and ergonomic comfort, which in turn can affect return rates, brand loyalty and profits.

Headquartered in Bönnigheim, Germany, the Hohenstein Institute offers independent textile testing, certification, research and development, and training.

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