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Second generation adidas Futurecraft unveiled

EcoNote | December 2, 2019 | By:

Futurecraft.Loop 2, the second generation of the adidas 100 percent recyclable sneaker, has been unveiled. The company launched its first Futurecraft.Loop April 2019, releasing 200 pairs to content creators, influencers, employees and others. Now the company has gathered up those sneakers and recycled them to create components for the new shoe.

“The material is melted and developed into new pellets, which are heated to form new components, including the eyelets and outsole. Virgin TPU material is used to create the remaining components of the midsole and upper,” said Amanda Verbeck, adidas running footwear developer.

The Futurecraft.Loop 2 sneaker features an internal caging system designed for support, a heel counter for stability and a one-piece upper that fades from white to blue. 

adidas is planning a commercial release of the Futurecraft.Loop in spring/summer 2021; however, the company acknowledges the potential difficulty in changing consumer behavior. If the proposed solution to end-of-life product waste is to be successful, consumers will need to embrace purchasing shoes with the intention of eventually returning them.

Source: designboom

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