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My Take | December 16, 2019 | By:

by Janet Preus

First of all, if you’re not just a little bit amazed that a textile (a textile!) can protect from fire, hazardous chemicals, high heat and other dangers, you are either so immersed in the protective products industry that it’s routine for you, or you’ve never had the opportunity to take note of the phenomenal things that protective textiles and their applications can do. From workers in manufacturing environments and oil fields to emergency personnel and astronauts – they all depend on specialized textiles to keep them safe.

There is one thing, though, that’s been missing. It was, actually, a bit of a surprise to me. I’ve covered these markets for several years now, and I’ve done many interviews with professionals in the field. How did I miss the fact that not all protective apparel is necessarily fire resistant?

We can thank our new writer, Glenna Musante for finding this story to report. The news is that there is now a standard, ANSI/ISEA 203-2018, which she explains in her feature, “Making protective apparel safer.” The standard was developed specifically for “disposable, single-use, flame-resistant apparel worn in occupational environments where there are flame hazards in addition to exposure to contaminants,” Musante explains.

We’ve done quite a few stories about FR protection and hazmat protective gear, and I have to say that I have put them into two different categories: durable and re-useable FR personal protective equipment (PPE), and single-use hazmat garments that, once contaminated, must be disposed of. But what of a hazardous environment that also poses a fire risk? Be sure to read our feature to get the details on this important development.

Year 2020 approaches

I’d like to wish our readers a wonderful holiday and say “thank you” to all of you for your interest in Advanced Textiles Source over the past year. I look forward to hearing your stories and sharing all the news with you in the coming year, too, and I hope you’ll continue to reach out to us with story ideas and press releases. We’re always interested in your perspectives, new products and technologies, and other industry news.

Have a happy and prosperous new year!

Janet Preus is senior editor of Advanced Textiles Source. She can be reached at

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