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PG Denim touts cooler, water-saving dye process

EcoNote | January 10, 2020 | By:

Italian denim maker PG Denim has teamed up with a shirt supplier to recycle its viscose to create a flocked denim fabric. In a recent release, the company says that it also worked with chemical company Officina+39 and a Mexican manufacturer on a new cooler dye process. 

Generally, large quantities of water and chemicals are used to create a flocked effect and requires using water at around 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the dyeing process. Paulo Gnutti of PG Denim explained the new fabric’s dyeing process uses water at around 40 degrees, and with the use of a nebulizer, decreased the amount of water needed, as well.

Gnutti believes sustainability is a long-term goal that will require cultural changes. “We need to educate the new generations,” he said.

Paulo Gnutti formed PG Denim in 2018, a new Made in Italy enterprise that conceptualizes the fabrics, which are then developed by fellow Italian mills, Berto and Eurotessile.

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