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Robotic glove designed for hand paralysis

What's New? | February 10, 2020 | By:

Images and video: Neofect.

Koreon start-up Neofect has developed a robotic glove that’s meant to help patients suffering from paralysis. The product prototype, named Neomano, is a smart glove designed for patient rehabilitation of the hand following a stroke, spinal cord injury, or another condition that limits patients’ ability to use their hands. 

The wearable hand robot helps with ordinary daily activities, giving people with paralysis or limited hand function the ability to grip objects with the press of a button. it uses a wireless, remote-controlled motor that contracts the fingers so that the wearers can perform such functions as grabbing a glass of water, turning a doorknob, or using a toothbrush.

 The grip becomes tighter the longer the button is held down and the glove lets go when the release button is pressed. when the glove needs to be cleaned, its magnetically-attached motor unit can be easily removed.

According to new atlas, Neofect has successfully crowdfunded the first shipment of the device to be manufactured, which has been sent to backers. A second shipment is now the subject of an indiegogo campaign

The company is headquartered in San Francisco.

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