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AR Tech to produce the Patient Isolation Transportation Unit

In the Industry | March 27, 2020 | By:

Photo: AR Tech.

AR Tech, an aerospace and medical equipment manufacturer, announces that its Patient Isolation Transportation Unit (PITU) is now ready for production. The unit encloses individuals suffering from highly contagious diseases like Covid 19, providing a secure barrier between the patient and medical staff.  

“The PITU is a negative pressure isolation enclosure that provides protection from possible contamination of individuals and surrounding areas during transportation,” said Bud Weisbart, AR Tech vice president of marketing. “The AR Tech team worked on the development and manufacturing of this unit for more than a year.”

The product is pending final FDA approval but is ready for pre-order. AR Tech plans to begin manufacturing and delivering orders as soon as possible. For medical facilities PITU will be made with FDA medical-grade flame retardant vinyl and is equipped with motors and filters which prevent contagious viruses and bacteria from spreading during transportation. It is also available for commercial applications with non-medical grade vinyl.

The PITU universally adapts to almost any gurney currently in use at hospitals and other medical facilities by utilizing custom stainless-steel adaptable footings that fit into the IV pockets of those gurneys. PITU also provides protected contact of patients during transportation through gloves that are sealed to the inserts.

Weisbart said the company expects its initial orders in just days. The initial production rate will be 25 within the first two weeks, followed by the ability to provide up to 75 a day as production is implemented.

“We hope the unit will provide much needed safety for our medical professionals during these difficult times,” Weisbart said.  

AR Tech is a subsidiary of A&R Tarpaulins Inc. which is also the parent company of AR Industries and provides products and services for medical companies, flight hardware and ground support to various aerospace. 

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