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Smart textile can alert emergency services if wearer is injured

What's New? | April 23, 2020 | By:

U.S.-based smart fiber maker Supreme Corp. has created a wearable that can monitor vital signs and impact detection and raise the alarm if the wearer is injured, for instance in a car accident or an assault. The system uses smart yarns combined with a skin patch that can assess changes in vital signs, which allows for the ability to connect to emergency services if the situation becomes serious.

Matt Kolmes, CEO of Supreme Corp., said, “This is the latest example of the incredible progress we are achieving in R&D and it continues to demonstrate how we are transforming the realm of possibilities.”

At the recent Textile International Forum and Exhibition in Taiwan, the Taiwan Textile Research Institute presented Supreme and its Volt Smart Yarns division with an award as a “Leader in Wearable Technology.”


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