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Production Club presents the Micrashell Body Suit

Out There | May 11, 2020 | By:

Los Angeles-based creative studio Production Club offers a solution for the music and night life industries, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has recently released renderings of its latest concept, the Micrashell Protective Suit. As stay-at-home restrictions are eased, there is still a need to be assured of safety, even when you first venture out socially. 

Production Club will launch the Micrashell Body Suit for safer social interaction. Photo: Production Club

Designed to allow safe human-to-human interaction in group settings, this particular personal protective equipment fully covers the upper half of the body with an air tight helmet, multi-functional vest and gloves. Currently patent pending, the protective gear may soon appear wherever humans gather to interact, particularly in entertainment venues. 

“While the future of the live music and events industry is precarious, Production Club is actively working on solutions for ourselves and clients that will allow us to safely gather together,” says Corey Johnson, the company’s head of special projects. 

The suit features unique functionalities, such as in-suit beverage and vape supply system, mounted-in speakers, smartphone integration, computer vision safety camera and privacy-driven voice communicator. The helmet, made of hybrid materials including both clear and stiff shield, allows for unobscured views of users’ facial expressions and uses a filtration system based on the N95 standard to filter breathing air. 

Integrated with a smart wireless voice communication system, the suit also allows users to control audio levels of different external sources individually and modify their own voices. Along the body of the suit, several RGBW lights can be customized to indicate the user’s mood, needs, warnings, messages, desires and more. 

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