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Serge Ferrari develops fabric virucidal technology

What's New? | June 8, 2020 | By:

Serge Ferrari Group says that it has developed a technology that can be applied to fabrics to nearly eliminate the viral load of coronavirus. Photo: Serge Ferrari Group.

French material manufacturing company Serge Ferrari Group has developed and patented a virucidal technology for composite membrane surfaces that the company says is capable of eliminating coronaviruses by up to 99.5 percent. 

Relying on the properties of silver particles, the company has found a way to prevent fabrics from becoming propagation sources for viruses and bacteria. When applied on membranes, this technology can reduce the viral load of coronaviruses by 95 percent after 15-minute contact time, and by 99.5 percent after one-hour contact time, compared to an untreated membrane. The findings have been verified by the French independent laboratory, VirHealth. 

The company plans to market fabrics with antiviral properties for medical applications, including hospital facilities and individual protective gear. The technology could also provide a valuable contribution for materials used in facilities open to the public or with high footfall, including schools, day nurseries, offices, retail businesses, hospitality establishments, event venues and public transport vehicles.

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