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Workout hoodie protects from germs at the gym

What's New? | July 1, 2020 | By:

ProSane Wear has developed a new workout face and sweat towel hoodie that provides an effective way to protect the face from germs when working out at the gym or jogging. Sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company says the hoodie is the first of its kind, combining performance, style and hygiene into a single product. The unique microfiber towel hoodie for men pairs the benefits of convenience with an effective way to minimize germ or bacterial cross-contamination. 

“The main points where germs enter the body are the eyes, the nose and the mouth,” says the designer and spokesperson for the company, Jorge Miller. 

Traditionally, people use towels, tissues, wipes, sweat wristbands, training gloves or even their bare hands to wipe perspiration from the face. “While those items may be suitable for wiping equipment and surfaces, using them on the face is a major cause of cross-contamination since they require direct surface contact with hands, and they are normally kept in pockets, pouches, bags and opened containers where germs could be present,” Miller added.

The hoodie itself does not contain advanced textiles that kill germs, but rather is designed to prevent the wearer from minimizing contact with contaminated surfaces. The product, made with absorbent fabric is a fast-drying premium 80 percent polyester/20 percent polyamide blend and features moisture-wicking and breathability. With two inches of extra length, it makes it easier for the wearer to reach to the face to wipe off sweat.   

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