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New IM ViroBac fabric addresses microbial threats

What's New? | August 10, 2020 | By:

Inner Mettle (IM) is launching its latest product, IM ViroBac fabric, developed to reduce the risk of viral and bacterial transmission via surface contact applicable to a multitude of situations in a commercial environment, such as public transport, medical facilities and hospitality. 

Photo: Inner Mettle.

“High touch surfaces, such as seats, bedding and curtains, could all play a more protective role, rather than a source of contamination, by reducing the amount of risk on touch,” said the company’s executive director Inam Saleem.

The company commissioned an independent EPA and FDA-regulated laboratory, to put the product through testing against a strain of the human coronavirus family. It was proven to reduce microbial threats on touch, including the human Coronavirus (229E strain), with a reduction of 97.5 percent within 30 minutes. Inner Mettle stresses that this should not be confused with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), which is not available for public testing. 

“Touch contamination remains a primary mode of transmission, having a comprehensive approach to contain pathogens, especially in an urban environment, is going to be a priority moving forward,” Saleem said. 

The soft fabric can also be used to produce consumer products, including gloves and masks. 

Inner Mettle was founded in the U.K. to develop high-end apparel that provides superior functional benefits, while considering the socio-economic and environmental implications. 

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