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Technology for sterilizing masks is launched

What's New? | December 21, 2020 | By:

Swiss corporation Osmotex announces that it has developed the Osmotex Steriliser Technology that can make textiles virus and bacteria free. With the market for sterilizing facemasks and personal items increasing, due to the pandemic, the company considers its solution a breakthrough.

“With the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw new opportunities for our proprietary osmosis technology. To help make surfaces virus and bacteria free, we have developed the Osmotex Steriliser Technology which we are working to rapidly bring to the market,” says Joacim Holter, Chairman of the Board at Osmotex.

“In addition to the high sterilizing effect, the most important benefit of the technology is that the effective sterilizing happens within a few minutes,” says Holter.

The technology is unique based on its core commercialized technology, which is electronically controlled moisture migration in fabrics via an electro-osmotic and electro-chemical process. By applying an electric pulse, it effectively sterilizes the textile, and any objects in direct contact, according to the company. 

“Over the past months, we have worked hard with intensive testing to further develop the technology,” Holter says. “Internal tests have continuously shown instances of disinfecting agents able to exterminate virus and bacteria, and independent studies from the Zürich University for Applied sciences (ZHAW) confirm a 99,999 percent efficacy on virus and 100 percent efficacy on bacteria.” 

Reusable facemasks are the first product launched with the technology integrated. The company also plans to launch textile bags for sterilizing personal items. 

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