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RxFiber announces patent for medical device fiber

What's New? | February 8, 2021 | By:

RxFiber LLC has announced that it has been issued a U.S. patent directed to methods related to the production of high-tenacity fibers for use in sterilized medical devices. The company’s fiber is marketed as RxFibron HT©. The company is actively seeking potential partners to license or purchase the patented technology for the development of lower-profile sterilized devices or other suitable applications.

Inventor Robert Torgerson says, “RxFibron HT© has several advantages over existing polyesters, including lower denier, durability, high strength, and custom size variations suitable for creating lower-profile devices.”

The company says the fiber is the first commercially available high-tenacity, medical-grade polyester biomaterial that can be used to create next-generation implantable devices such as sutures and composites for endovascular, vascular and orthopedic applications.

“We are pleased to have been awarded this important patent that we believe will provide medical device manufacturers an innovative alternative to UHMWPE and standard polyester,” says Brenda Gilchrist, president of the company. The fiber was invented, Gilchrist says, because physicians wanted smaller delivery systems to deliver devices in a transcatheter application in order to mitigate trauma to the patient.

RxFiber LLC is a California-based biotextile company focused on innovative and differentiated fibers for the medical device industry. 

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