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Partnership launches new RF shielding product

In the Industry | March 8, 2021 | By:

Photo: Seaman Corp.

Seaman Corp., Wooster, Ohio, and V Technical Textiles Inc. (VTT), Newark, N.Y., have launched a new textile technology for multiple applications. Shelter-Rite® RF™ products offer advanced safety and security in situations that require a more rugged and robust RF (radio frequency) shielded material.  The union of high-performance products and technology provides a solution in situations where weather and moisture are factors, such as in portable outdoor RF shelters for military, RF curtains, aerospace cleanrooms, automotive test chambers and fabric-based access doors.  

Shelter-Rite RF can also be utilized as a covering for the exterior surface of an existing architectural structure as a shielding solution. This high-performance PVC-coated textile allows for the use of these thin RF-shielding materials in environments where they previously were unable to be used. 

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