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Shape.Care sensor gloves support weightlifting goals

What's New? | May 10, 2021 | By:

Video: Shape.Care

A new smart device has made it possible to ditch the notebook and pen in the gym and turn the tracking of an exercise regimen over to personal training gloves with sensing technology. Shape.Care is a comprehensive system designed to support amateurs and professionals in weightlifting training by monitoring all aspects of a workout, to track progress and correct technique. 

Shape.Care gloves are fully washable once the electronics module is removed. Photo: Shape.Care

The system will count the number and frequency of repetitions in an exercise, measure movement dynamics, force and power, as well as heart rate. Then it will analyze the data to help the wearer perform exercises correctly and efficiently for the best end results. The information gathered will allow the wearer to follow his or her training history and check exercise suggestions. In addition to improving the wearer’s technique, the gloves can help to eliminate potential injuries. 

A Kickstarter campaign was fully funded in just five hours. The company, based in Poland, expects to begin delivering product in August. 

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