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Invoxia unveils biometric health collar for dogs

What's New? | February 3, 2022 | By:

Photo: Invoxia. 

French tech company Invoxia has unveiled a biometric health collar that can monitor a dog’s vitals, activity and location. With a long battery life and precision GPS tracking, the owner of a dog with an existing health condition, in particular, may find the collar’s ability to sense and track very useful. 

The collar’s lightweight, low-power sensors are enhanced with deep neural networks for accurate analysis, and could, in fact, help to detect diseases early by noting abnormal behavior or concerning vitals, including resting heart and respiratory rate, activity and even sleep. 

It’s GPS tracking capability means the owner knows where the dog has been and would be alerted in the event that the dog escapes its “safe zone.” If the dog runs away, gets lost or is stolen, the owner can activate “Lost Mode” and boost the update frequency and accuracy of the collar’s GPS. If the dog is nearby but out of sight, the collar’s proximity radar and ringer will alert the owner in the last few feet. 

The product is scheduled to be released in summer 2022.


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