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A wearable for cows among Terra Carta winners

EcoNote | June 27, 2022 | By:

Photo: Zero Emissions Livestock Project.

A methane-reducing mask for cows was among the winners in a U.K. climate solution competition. Prince Charles and former Apple CDO Jony Ive recently announced the four winners of Terra Carta Design Lab, founded to develop climate crisis solutions. Out of 125 submissions, the awarded projects include: a clean-tech start-up spearheading the capture and monitoring of tire wear; a 100 percent recyclable and chemical-free outdoor performance textile; aerodynamic seed pods made from food waste for plant and tree restoration; and the wearable device for cows to reduce methane emissions. 

According to International Energy Agency (IEA) reports, 1.6 billion cattle, each exhaling 400 liters of methane per day, are one of the single leading causes of global warming. The Zero Emissions Livestock Project (ZELP) has designed a wearable device for cattle to neutralize methane emissions in real time. As the cow exhales, methane travels through a catalyst where it’s oxidized, then released into the air as CO2 and water vapor. The technology precisely tracks methane reduction and key data for farmers, such as welfare, efficiency and fertility metrics, and the team says the harness fits comfortably around the cow’s head.

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