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Startup launches full-body VR Tracking Shoes

What's New? | October 10, 2022 | By:

Manhattan, N.Y.-based virtual reality (VR) startup Surplex has recently launched a body-movement tracking system that requires nothing more than a pair of shoes. The insole of each shoes contains 240 pressure sensors that detect the changes in foot pressure that occur not only as the user walks, runs or stands in place, but also as the upper body moves, as well.

A Surplex VR shoe contains 240 pressure sensors that allow full-body tracking for VR games. Photo: Surplex.

The pressure data is combined with output from a 9-axis inertial measurement unit, which the company says allows the system to continuously track the position and rotation of the user’s feet, knees, waist, chest and elbows. According to the designers, the system is accurate at gauging body position to within 5 cm and has a latency rate of about 30 milliseconds. 

The Basic version of the shoes has a six-hour runtime at 30 Hertz; the Pro version claims a runtime of nine hours per charge, and an update rate of 60 Hertz. Both models support user weights ranging from 110 to 265 pounds. 

The company is raising money in a Kickstarter campaign and plans to start shipping product beginning in December.  

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