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Pvilion honored with recent awards

In the Industry | November 14, 2022 | By:

Photo: Pvilion.

Pvilion Technologies, Brooklyn, N.Y., received this year’s IAA Award of Excellence, Freestanding Structures, 2022. The IFAI International Achievement Awards recognize outstanding and innovative projects representing the latest accomplishments in design and manufacture incorporating specialty fabrics. The company was recognized for its heavy-duty Portable Solar Canopy, built to withstand environmental conditions with the option of being used as a permanent structure and expanded as a parallel structure. 

Integrated with solar panels, it can provide sustainable power anywhere that receives sunlight. It’s designed and built for businesses that want energy sources capable of independence from the local electric grid. The integrated solar power aids in eliminating the environmental impact associated with traditional sources of energy, and it can eliminate the need to build a permanent infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the company also received an honorable mention in the 2022 LOOP Design Awards in the Sustainable Product Design Category. The company’s Lightweight Solar Canopy is fully relocatable, as well, with integrated lightweight solar-powered fabric to provide sustainable power. This unique application of solar eliminates the need of having two separate systems for shade/shelter and sourcing power. Pvilion integrates solar power into fabric for a product that provides outlets for charging, lighting, ventilation and climate control. 

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