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OEKO-TEX® announces a new certification tool and rebranding

EcoNote | November 28, 2022 | By:

Starting November 2022, the OEKO-TEX® RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS tool and certification will support brands, retailers and traders in the textile and leather sector with due diligence compliance. This requires companies to take legal responsibility for all human rights and environmental violations in their global supply chains. Faced with multiple interests of worldwide stakeholders with different points of view, companies must communicate with all of them, and protect their interests.

The tool allows companies to choose between self-assessment or achieve third-party certification validated by an OEKO-TEX® institute, and it is based on a range of international policies with additional focus on climate protection. With the new tool and certification, OEKO-TEX® aims to prevent and mitigate existing and the potential negative impact on a company’s business operations, its supply chains and in wider business relationships.

Also, OEKO-TEX® has created a new brand identity, OEKO-TEX® World. OEKO-TEX® aims to create trust within the textile and leather industry and for their customers. The new brand identity will not change that. “Our values remain,” says OEKO-TEX® General Secretary Georg Dieners. “In fact, they inspired our brand refresh.”

Based on scientific principles, OEKO-TEX® has been promoting transparency in the textile and leather industry for three decades. Transparency is essential for enabling companies and consumers to make responsible decisions. 

“The new branding reflects the active, solution-oriented and positive approach,” says Inga Bleyer, global head of marketing.

Customers should start the conversion now and may use any existing labels through the end of 2024. OEKO-TEX® customers have access to a label editor with new, more flexible layouts and a labeling guide on the OEKO-TEX® website.

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