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Spiber expands production in the U.S. 

EcoNote | March 13, 2023 | By:

Japanese biotech company Spiber Inc., the makers of branded “Brewed Protein” fibers derived from sugar cane and agricultural residues, expects to increase its production capacity shortly due to its partnership with U.S. industrial biomaterials developer ADM. The company is also researching how to make its polymers from cellulosic textile waste.

According to a report in Ecotextile News, Ayana Nakajima, global marketing and communications specialist at Spiber, noted that development timelines had been delayed because of the pandemic, but the company expected to start production in the U.S. with ADM next year. It’s hoped that a new round of further research on the lab-designed polymer will also allow the Japanese firm to produce its Brewed Protein from cellulosic textile waste in the future, said Nakajima. 

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