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Nike’s ISPA pushes footwear innovation

What's New? | July 17, 2023 | By:

The Nike ISPA Link is made to be disassembled. Photo: Nike.

Nike’s ISPAnificio, an exhibition during Milan Design Week 2023, showcased the company’s ISPA shoe-making lab, taking giant steps in circularity. ISPA is a set of design principles—improvise, scavenge, protect, adapt—that breaks the mold of footwear design. The team designs shoes that can be taken apart and repurposed, utilizing sustainable materials such as Flyknit, algae inks, bio-based plastic foam, and cork. 

Shoes are built in modular pieces that snap together rather than using glues. Ai enables wearers to incorporate replaceable parts or create their own molds. Everything can be disassembled, melted down, and reused; nothing goes to waste.

“I feel like we need to collaborate more with each other. I think you see that a lot when you have these brands that are working together and trying to find better solutions. We all have different expertise, so let’s figure this out together,” Shamees Aden, senior footwear designer at ISPA, told

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