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Moncler and Zellerfeld introduce Trailgrip 3D sneakers

EcoNote | July 31, 2023 | By:

Moncler and Zellerfeld debut 3D-printed Trailgrip sneakers. Photo: Zellerfeld.

Italian luxury fashion company Moncler is inaugurating its venture into 3D printing by collaborating with American shoe company Zellerfeld to fashion a 3D-printed version of its Trailgrip sneakers using only recyclable mono-material. The single-thread ingredient that constructed the shoes is a decision from Moncler as part of its commitment to the eco-consciousness and a signature design ethos of Zellerfeld.

Zellerfeld creates washable 3D-printed shoes that can be broken down and remade again through lattices—made with no stitching, glue or weak points—produced by machine. When the shoes are worn out, the user can return them to a Zellerfelt recycling location to be regenerated. The concept is in line with Moncler’s Trailgrip 3D Sneakers premise. 

Trailgrip 3D sneakers use only recyclable mono-material. Photo: Zellerfeld.

The Moncler sneaker is a concept collaboration led by design, exploration and the company’s eye for new manufacturing possibilities, this time employing Zellerfeld’s technology. The shoes are set to be unveiled in Paris at the new edition of Studio Ascenti, the brand’s footwear exhibition in an open-format interactive area. The limited edition Trailgrip 3D will be reserved exclusively for members of Moncler’s worldwide footwear community.

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