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Plug-and-play tool will combat microfibers

EcoNote | October 23, 2023 | By:

Xeros Technology, developer of polymer-bead based, water-saving washing techniques, has launched its patented XFilter filtration device as a standalone product. The company claims that the XFilter captures more than 99 percent of microplastics and 80 percent of cotton and polyester microfibers during a washing cycle, preventing them from being released into rivers and seas.

Xeros said it had decided to bring the filtration device to market as a standalone product, calling it XF3. The device can be attached to any model of washing machine. It said it was making the product available immediately to licensing and brand partners and that it expects to make it available to consumers in 2024.

Chief executive Neil Austen said demand for accessories to capture microfibers would increase in the years ahead, adding that Xeros wanted to present the XF3 as a “a plug-and-play solution to meet that demand.”

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