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Wool pellets found to be useful in agriculture

EcoNote | December 18, 2023 | By:

A farm in Utah asserts that pellets made of wool can improve soil quality. Croydon, Utah-based Wild Valley Farms is leading the effort with its “Wool Pellets” that offer a blend of sustainability and effectiveness. Derived from 100 percent raw U.S. wool, these eco-friendly pellets not only support local industries but are also said to provide a range of benefits for plant health and growth.

Agriculture, such as farming and ranching, accounts for over 80 percent of water use in the state of Utah. Wild Valley Farms has developed products which contribute to making water use more efficient and eco-friendly for agricultural purposes. For more than 150 years, Wild Valley Farms raised sheep and cattle on their land until discovering the benefits of wool in fertilizing soil and conserving water.

The secret is the wool pellets’ capacity to efficiently regulate moisture in soil, significantly reducing the need for frequent watering. This not only conserves water but also results in healthier plant life. Also, the pellets gradually release vital nutrients into the soil as they decompose, enriching it and creating a better environment for plant growth. 

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