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Bio-materials company offers more sustainable textiles

EcoNote | January 15, 2024 | By:

According to sustainable bio-design technology company Modern Meadow, eco-friendly bio-materials will be in the spotlight for fashion brands in 2024, calling them “the next generation of materials.” The company offers a range of bio-based textiles.

Bio-VERA™ is an animal-free material that mimics the visual, textural and aging qualities of leather and suede, but offers a sustainable, solvent-free, traceable in production, alternative to animal-based products. 

From high-performance hiking jackets to weatherproof running gear, the company’s Bio-Tex Shield™ is a waterproof, breathable and durable membrane. By using only one layer of textile, the PFAS-free membrane paves the way for thinner, lighter materials.

From apparel to textured home textiles, Bio-Tela™ leverages protein functionality to dye any textile substrate with deep and vibrant colors using reactive or acid dyes, including novel texture effects on some textiles. The process can be engineered to create two-tone effects of the same color or different colors using a single layer of sustainable, solvent-free textile. Sustainable and solvent-free.

Source: Modern Meadow. 

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