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German textile engineering meets artificial intelligence

In the Industry | February 12, 2024 | By:

German circular knitting machine builder Terrot and Porto, Portugal-based have announced a strategic partnership. As the industry moves towards smart machines that both produce a wide variety of fabrics quickly, as well as automating previously manual tasks such as quality control and data collection, Terrot has strategically adapted its machine production process to ensure all new Terrot and Pilotelli Open-Width machines will be ‘Smartex-ready’.

This means that new Terrot and Pilotelli machine customers can upgrade their machines to add Smartex Core to take advantage of AI-enabled, automated quality control, offering insights into their machine performance. Facilitating Smartex CORE’s installation means customers can also easily add Smartex LOOP, the company’s latest product, which enables real-time, fabric roll-level traceability and transparency.

“Smartex is an obvious partner for us,” says Robert Czajkowski, Terrot’s CEO GmbH. “They are the clear leader in AI-enhancements for circular knitting machines. A number of our customers have already installed Smartex CORE in their Terrot machines. Through our partnership we take the next step to embed their technology towards a full integration and advanced digitization of our state-of-the-art machines.”

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