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PFAS in Textiles Conference is scheduled

In the Industry | February 26, 2024 | By:

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) continue to garner significant attention in textile manufacturing, given their prevalent usage in enhancing durable water repellency and stain resistance. But there are also growing health and environmental concerns with their use. In an effort to encourage open collaboration among diverse perspectives and continue discussions on this important topic, the 2024 PFAS in Textiles Conference will reconvene in Raleigh, N.C. on May 2-3, 2024, to facilitate productive multi-stakeholder discussions. 

Researchers, advocates, and other presenters will assemble to share insights on emerging science, explore policy updates, evaluate safer alternatives, and align on solutions. By uniting all parties, the conference aims to build understanding, reveal real-world complexities, and propel responsible innovation.

Last year’s conference catalyzed promising partnerships and initiatives, reinforcing the efficacy of cooperation. The organizers look forward to expanding the coalition and empowering attendees to take the next actionable steps towards updating best practices for PFAS textile usage – working to better safeguard consumers while enabling industries to thrive responsibly.

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