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Active Apparel Group announces seventh anniversary with FUZE Technologies

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Active Apparel Group

Active Apparel Group (AAG), a manufacturer of performance apparel for the leisure/lifestyle and active market headquartered in Hamilton, Queensland, Australia, announced the seventh anniversary of its partnership with the sustainable textile finishing brand FUZE Technologies.

AAG is the first apparel manufacturer to adopt FUZE’s permanent, chemical-free textile finish, and the only company in China able to apply FUZE in a closed-loop system. AAG leverages the platform to provide a range of performance characteristics to customers, including odor control, UV protection, moisture management and cooling.

“What sets AAG apart from other manufacturers is our unwavering commitment to workplace equity, quality manufacturing, and performance products,” says Dan Hawker, CEO of AAG. “To maintain these standards, we work with brands that have a similar ethos. FUZE’s commitment to clean and sustainable textile finishes allows us to provide a high level of excellence to our partner brands.”

The FUZE finish, which is one of the only products approved by the EPA to claim, “long-lasting antimicrobial efficacy on material,” uses gold and silver particles permanently bonded to a wide variety of natural and synthetic materials to achieve a range of performance characteristics. AAG customers employing the FUZE finish create apparel for the yoga, active lifestyle, workout, golf and swimwear markets. AAG has finished over 2.9 million square meters of material since the start of 2022. FUZE requires fewer resources to apply and increases product longevity, reducing apparel waste.

Active Apparel Group will be exhibiting at Performance Days in Munich, Germany, March 20–21 in booth A17. Meetings can be scheduled by emailing Eimear McDermott

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