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Color-changing resin material is heat-activated

Out There | April 22, 2024 | By:

A detailed view of the color-changing resin tops and dresses. Photo: Kim Mesches. 

Artist and designer Kim Mesches has unveiled his “Collection 5,” featuring garments made of a color-changing resin with a technology activated by heat. The material is a mix of thermochromic dyes, pigments and other ingredients, which are then mixed with hardened resin to create the garments. 

For example, on sunny days the garments change themselves anytime there’s heat and a cool breeze surrounding them. One could say that the pieces double as sculptural artworks through the hardened resin, as they can stand on their own without the wearer, exposing their dream-like colors and surrealist shapes. By placing them in the sun and back in a sheltered space, viewers can see these pieces evolve and change, then return to their original state again. 

Kim Mesches’ color-changing resin material in process. Photo: Kim Mesches. 

With the increase in heat-activated technology in clothing, the designer’s color-changing resin represents a new entry that could, potentially, reduce over-consumption of clothes with the instant shift of style and color made possible by this technology.

Mesches’ fluid, cast resin sculptures that appear frozen in time have caught the attention of key fashion stylists as one-of-a-kind molded garments, launching a merging of art and fashion.

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