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Zorflex® enhances wound recovery

What's New? | September 10, 2013 | By:

Two new products from Chemviron Carbon’s Cloth Division, Zorflex® VB and Zorflex® VB Plus, have been tested by the U.K.’s Health Protection Agency, and have been proven to be both antiviral and virucidal (when tested against surrogate virus MS2-Coliphage).

The inclusion of Zorflex® activated carbon cloth has been shown to considerably enhance the efficacy of both advanced and active wound dressings. The antimicrobial properties of Zorflex® can be further enhanced by a unique impregnation process which produces a dispersion of nano and micro particles of metallic silver.

Zorflex® also enables the wound to heal due to its naturally permeable properties which enhance the breathability of the cloth. The Cloth Division has the manufacturing capability to produce the entire wound dressing product containing activated carbon cloth including procedures such as pouching, sterilization and labeling.

The company also produces cloth which is used in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) devices. Due to its ability to adsorb odour, Zorflex® is used in the part of the NPWT device where wound exudate is collected.

The natural electrical properties of Zorflex® provide the potential for its use in conductive wound therapy devices. In addition to this, the cloth’s ability to both adsorb and desorb opens up opportunities to develop the use of Zorflex® in other medical devices.

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