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Tennessee Apparel and Gore partner on protective clothing

Industry News | February 3, 2014 | By:

Tennessee Apparel Corp. (TAC), manufacturer of military garments, has been identified as the only qualified source for the procurement of chemical and biological protective garments under the Uniform Integrated Protection Ensemble Increment 1 (UIPE I1) effort.

The chemical and biological protective ensemble is a layered clothing system that consists of a lightweight combat uniform worn over a CB protective undergarment. W. L. Gore & Associates (Gore) is the key material supplier on the contract. Gore’s stretch GORE® CHEMPAK® selectively permeable fabric is used in the protective undergarment layer of the clothing system.

This clothing system provides enhanced individual protective capabilities through excellent  protection from warfare agents after wear and after exposure to petroleum, oils, lubricants (POL) and other environmental contaminants. In addition, the innovative undergarment design integrates easily with current combat gear and personal protective equipment.

The breathable performance of GORE® CHEMPAK® selectively permeable fabric reduces thermal burden by sweat to escape, and the stretch construction allows for a comfortable, next-to-skin fit, which further reduces heat stress by eliminating the thermal insulating layer that surrounds the body and by increasing heat loss through convection.

The chemical and biological protective clothing system is suitable for wear while performing combat operations, on land or at sea, in any climate and with minimal impact on combat effectiveness. The versatile design allows for easy integration with current and developmental clothing and equipment including load-bearing equipment, handwear, footwear and protective masks.

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