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Cityzen Sciences wins CES award

Industry News | February 7, 2014 | By:

Innovative new products won awards at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)  2014 held in Las Vegas, Nev., in January. Among them is Cityzen Sciences, a startup company that develops smart fabrics with integrated micro-sensors. It won the Inclusive Innovation award at CES’s inaugural Everyday Health Awards for Innovation for its Smart Monitoring Shirt, which monitors a runner’s heart rate, temperature and speed, and provides localization.

Cityzen Sciences has partnered with Leti, a French company that has assisted the launch of more than 50 startups. Smart Sensing is a French industrial project carried out by a consortium of companies and led by Cityzen Sciences. Smart Sensing embeds textiles with micro-sensors so that the garments made from them will be “connected” and able to provide relevant data about the wearer’s health and well-being to a coach, for example.

Adaptable, and compatible with production on an industrial scale, the Smart Sensing ingredient brand is intended to develop in numerous sectors. The idea is not for Smart Sensing to sell textiles but to become a world leader in the integration of embedded intelligence to all kinds of textiles. The products can be personalized for or by the client at various stages.

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