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Ohmatex announces partner for stretch sensors

Industry News | June 23, 2014 | By:

Photos: Ohmatex
Photos: Ohmatex

Ohmatex has announced a partnership with Danfoss PolyPower® A/S to supply their stretch sensors to the textile industry.  Stretch sensors have many applications; the smart textile industry is just one of the markets that can utilize the high-quality capacitive sensor.

The partnership supports the company’s efforts to share its expertise in integrating stretch sensors in wearable applications with the smart textile industry. Ohmatex will supply PolyPower stretch sensors to developers of textile-integrated wearables and help to incorporate stretch sensors into prototypes and commercial developments.

Ohmatex is currently using the product in the development of a sensor platform for health and fitness applications, part of the FP7 MyWear project. The company has successfully integrated them into a shirt for monitoring respiration rate to enable self-monitoring for people with chronic lung disease.

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