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Huntsman supports environmentalism

EcoNote | July 16, 2014 | By:

In a company-wide effort spanning the globe, Huntsman Textile Effects has mobilized more than a quarter of its 3,000 employees at major facilities in eight countries to promote environmental sustainability through community activities. Clocking more than 1,500 hours, this “Sustainability in Action” initiative is the Charlotte, N.C.-based company’s latest global effort.

“As a leading supplier of dyes and textiles chemicals, Huntsman Textile Effects recognizes that we have a responsibility to not only create value for our stakeholders today, but also make a sustainable and vibrant world possible for future generations,” said company president Paul Hulme.

Huntsman Textile Effects’ innovations help textile mills reduce waste and conserve resources, and encourage employees to reduce resource consumption and turn waste streams into profitable products. Water conservation and contamination prevention are key focus areas for Huntsman Textile Effects.

The latest “Sustainability in Action” projects include tree planting, beach and park cleanups, recycling and waste-disposal campaigns and community talks, as well as internal workshops and sustainability programs. Most activities are being carried out during June and July in support of World Environment Day, which was June 5.

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